Smart DO

Founded in 2005, FEA-Opt Technology is an international RD/Consultancy/CAE service and software provider. We provided CAE consulting/outsourcing services for customers around the world.

Our flagship product, SmartDO (A Smart Design Optimization System), stands out from the competitors in many ways

  • With the powerful Direct Global Optimization technology, SmartDO is applicable to different disciplines and applications, and produces much better solution. The Robust Genetic Algorithms in SmartDO allows the user to work on concurrent sizing, shaping and topology optimization.
  • Simplifies the design optimization task to a Fire-And-Forget manner with the SmartLink technology. No need to work on complicate process integration and parametric sensitivity study.
  • Fully integrated Tcl/Tk scripting environment. Innovative SmartPET and PET utilities allows the users to embed Tcl/Tk scripts into any text file by means of preprocessing the text file.
  • Flexible and powerful platform for customization, programming, process integration and data flow linking. Ideal for push-button design automation.