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SmartDO - Powerful Solver for Design Optimization 

SmartDO is a powerful system and platform for design optimization. With its Direct Global Search technology, it is suitable for multidisciplinary design optimization and many different applications.

SmartDO specialized in the CAE-Based optimization, such as CAE (computer-aided engineering), FEA (finite element analysis), CAD (computer-aided design), CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) and automatic control, with application on various physics phenomena. It is both GUI and scripting driven, allowed to be integrated with almost any kind of CAD/CAE and in-house codes.

SmartDO was applied on the real-world industrial design since 1992. With its robust and  stable optimization solver, SmartDO has been used on different physics and disciplines, such as
Heat Flow
Heat Transfer
Structural/Thermal/Electronic Coupled
Structural/CFD/Thermal Coupled
Automatic Control
With our flagship software system SmartDO and our world-leading consulting services, SmartDO has been successfully applied on the following tasks.
Compressor/Pump performance (CFD) and structural strength optimization
Ceramic Gas Turbine Engines Rotor Disk Structural Optimization
Performance optimization of the jet nozzle
Strength optimization of the circulation water pump in power plant.

Life prolonging and weight reduction for the components of gas turbine engines

Enhancement for the performance of the fluid power system
Performance optimization of the shock absorbing mechanism
Performance optimization of the thermoelectric generator

Life prolonging of semi-conductor component
Keratotomy Surgeries
Civil structure and resident roof optimization (sizing, shaping and topology)
Weight reduction and strength increase of the nuclear heavy-duty lifting hook
Weight reduction of the air cargo deck
Weight reduction of the lower A-Arm of the armored tank
Performance curve optimization for the keyboard rubber dome.
Performance curve optimization for the connectors
Composite structure optimization

Structural optimization for the wave energy converter.  
Optimization of the O-Ring Sealing for the steel charger.  
Performance Enhancement of the Golf Club Head.
Crashworthiness Optimization of The Crash Box.

Real time optimum control of air conditioning.

Programmable Platform for Process and System Integration

The open architecture of Tcl/Tk in SmartDO makes the Engineering CAx Lifecycle Integration possible. Through the building of CAx Cycle Integration, SmartDO can reduce the human error during the CAx design cycle, and further parameterize, automate and optimize the design process.

Due to its powerful solver and fexible architecture, SmartDO has also been used for automatic control and other integration application.

Engineering Life Cycle Integration

Dedicated Customization Service for Effective Turnkey Solutions

In today's business, time means everything. So more and more companies are replying on globalization and outsourcing to keep themselves competitive. That is why sometimes you will need external experts to help you implement the turnkey solution. With our experienced consulting team, we can help you customize the specific system you want. And the most import, we can help you integrate your know-how into the automated design process.  

Because we do enginnering everyday, so we know what you need.

SmartDO customization service


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