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AI-Powered & CAD-Driven Topology Optimization Using SmartDO


AI-Powered & CAD-Driven Topology Optimization Using SmartDO

How do you achieve a CAD-Based optimal structural topology, yet still impose the manufacturing, strength and all other parametric constraints, and the following requirement ?

  • CAD-Based, not mesh-based.
  • Final design is quantitative, not qualitative.
  • Controlling parameters are necessary, but the modeling process should be simplified.
  • Need to impose explicit parametric constraints for manufacturing, stress, strength and all others.

AI-Powered & CAD-Driven algorithms in SmartDO has the solution for it. This is based on the unique Smart Computing algorithms in SmartDO, such as

  • Cross CAE/CAD and platform linking/integration.
  • AI-Powered S.A.F.E.D.(Secured Adaptive Function for Error Detecting), for avoiding broken CAD or failed model.
  • AI-Powered SmartLearning for learning from the already-done analysis, and save computational cost.

Figure 1 shows the loading and the design space of the structure. The user can define the four (4) simple Topology Cutting Primitives as the starting point, as shown in Figure 2. Primitives A, B, C are elliptical cylinders, and D is a ellipsoid, with totally 9 design variables. These primitives are all very easy to define. The user then uses SmartDO to couple CAD and CAE.

Figure 1. Loading and the Design Space of the Structure

Figure 2. Starting from (4) simple Topology Cutting Primitives A, B, C, D

Next the user gives a very loose range for the cutting primitives to change. Using the AI-Powered S.A.F.E.D. algorithms, the user doesn't have to worry too much about the conflict or breaking of CAD/geometries. After all other design constraints are set, like stress, strength, stiffness and weight, the model can be automatically optimized by SmartDO.

Figure 3 shows the evolution of automatic optimization by SmartDO. The final result produced by SmartDO is a final CAD, ready for production, and satisfying all constraints defined by the user.

Figure 3. Evolution of Automatic Optimization by SmartDO, with SmartDO

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