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SmartDO 13.0 Released, Adding Ribbon-Based GUI and Automatic Post-Processing, Automatic Error Avoiding (S.A.F.E.D), SmartLink for JMAG, Checked Sign for ANSYS/JMAG Setup


FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. announced that SmartDO 13.0 will be released immediately, adding the following features.

Ribbon-Based GUI and Automatic Processing

SmartDO 13.0 present the new Ribbon-Based, with larger buttons and icons.

In addition, SmartDO will plot graph for basic sensitivity analysis result after the optimization is done. This is right beside the Control Panel.

Figure 1. Ribbon-Based GUI and Automatic Processingf

Automatic Error Avoiding (S.A.F.E.D)

The new S.A.F.E.D (Secured Adaptive Function for Error Detection) enable SmartDO to learn from failed CAD/CAE, and avoid CAD/CAE failure during optimization. This can tremendously save time when time is limited for correcting the CAD/CAE error repeatedly.

Figure 2. S.A.F.E.D (Secured Adaptive Function for Error Detection

SmartLink for JMAG

SmartDO 13.0 will support JMAG with SmartLink. JMAG is one of the import simulation software for electric motors. With SmartDO, the user can achieve push-button design optimization through one-page setup using JMAG.

Figure 3. SmartLink for JMAG

Checked Sign for ANSYS/JMAG Setup

SmartDO 13.0 will present checked sign on front of each setup item under SmartLink for ANSYS/JMAG. This will let the tracking of setup progress more clear.

Figure 4. Checked Sign for ANSYS/JMAG Setup

More Information

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