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Gradient-Based Direct Global Search

SmartDO focuses on the direct global optimization solver, which does not need much parametric study and tweaking on the solver parameter. Because of this, SmartDO has been frequently customized as the push-button expert system.

The Gradient-Based RCFDM solver uses the following techniques to achieve Direct Global Search, including

  • Combining Tunneling and Hill Climbing to jump out of local minimum.
  • Automatic response smoothing on mesh discretization and other numerical noise.
  • Automatic recognition of active constraints. Much more efficient and stable.
  • Smart Dynamic Search to automatically adjust search direction and step size.
SmartDO Direct Search

SmartDO Direct Search

SmartDO Direct Search

The Robust Genetic Algorithms - GA Based Direct Global Search

The Genetic Algorithms in SmartDO can be used to solve problems not suitable for the gradient-based solver. And the Gradient-Based NLP solver provide a more efficient and accurate way of getting the optimum. These two algorithms together make SmartDO a practical and powerful optimizer.

The Robust Genetic Algorithms in SmartDO is powered by many unique technologies to achieve efficiency and stability, including

  • Adaptive Penalty Function.
  • Automatic Schema Representation.
  • Automatic Population and Generation Number Calculation.
  • Adaptive and Automatic Cross-Over Probability Calculation.
  • Absolute Descent.

Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization

Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization with SmartDO

Because there are various types of design variables available in the Robust Genetic Algorithms of SmartDO, the users can perform Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization in a stable and efficient fashion.

The problem of Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization usually requires intensive numerical effort. With the Smart Heuristic Search Technology, SmartDO is able to avoid unnecessary calculation and save considerable amount of computational time.

No Theoretical Restriction on Number of Design Variables and/or Constraints. Can Start From Any Infeasible Design Point

For all the solvers in SmartDO, there is no theoretical and/or coding restriction on the number of design variables and/or constraints. Powered by its Direct Global Search techniques, SmartDO can start from an infeasible design point, pushing the design into the feasible domain first, and then proceed with optimization.

Open Architecture, User Programmable with Tcl/Tk

SmartDO uses Tcl/Tk as its basic platform, which makes its architecture highly open and user programmable.

In today's competitive environment, the user programmable features allow you to differentiable with your competitor, and accumulate your know-how and experience in the script. With Tcl/Tk, the user can import add-on packages, and also develop GUI, Graphics and plotting in SmartDO.

Error Tolerant. Restart From The Interrupted Point

SmartDO is highly error tolerant. The user can usually restart from where the calculation is interrupted, in case of unpredicted incident or system shutdown.

SmartDO can also ignore the noise or nonconvergence during the CAE analysis without human judgment.

SmartLink and Other Interface Tools to Couple With Different Packages

SmartDO offers versatile interface to interact with external CAE packages.

  • SmartLink can link with the parameters in ANSYS Workbench and NX CAE directly with easy-to-use GUI. With the powerful solver in SmartDO, the user can cross link any parameters in Workbench to any design parameters in SmartDO, such as design variables, objective function, and constraints, and SmartDO will usually solve the problem smoothly without much difficulty.
  • Bulit-in Tcl/tk engines enables standard Tcl/Tk and many extensions.
  • PET (Preprocessor for Embedded Tcl) and SmartPET let the user insert Tcl script into the text input file of ANY package that does not support Tcl.
  • SmartScripting is a GUI for generating Tcl/Tk script automatically. The user can access the programmable feature of SmartDO by answering questions in the SmartScripting GUI, and SmartScripting will generate Tcl/Tk scripts accurately with convenience.

SmartDO Interface Coverage

SmartDO SmartLink with ANSYS WorkBench

Control Panel GUI

Control Panel acts as the the optimization process integrator. With the tasks and connections layout as graphical flowchart on the panel, the user can easily understand and control the design optimization process. Also, all actions and settings are just few clicks away. The Control Panel can be used to

  • Overlook the layout of the design optimization process
  • Set up controlling parameters
  • Integrate with external programs
  • Test the integrated engineering cycle
  • execute optimization
  • Review the optimization result

Specially Developed for CAE-Based Application, with Many Successful Examples

FEA-Opt Technology provides total solutions of design optimization to the customers, based on our SmartDO technology. We provide software, training and the following services

  • Consulting services for design optimization
  • System customization and process integration
  • Software integration and ODM for numerical optimization techniques

Out customers has coupled SmartDO on different CAE packages, including

  • NX CAE
  • Marc
  • CFX
  • Fluent
  • SolidEdge
  • EnergyPlus
  • In-house code

And the application disciplines have been ranging among different fields, including

  • Structure
  • CFD
  • Heat Transfer
  • Electric
  • Electric/thermal/structural coupled
  • Customized design automation/optimization system