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2022 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization (Hsingchu City, Taiwan, Dec 16, 2022)
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For years, many industries reply on the power of SmartDO to optimize design and keep on competitive edge. For this year's SmartDO Conference, we are going to show you more advanced research and application of SmartDO.

This year, the application includes optics, machine tool, aerospace, manufacturing, electric motor and the latest features of SmartDO.

Time : Dec 16, 2022 (Fri), AM09:00 ~ PM04:00
Location : National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300044, R.O.C.
Cost : Free

Hosted by :

  • FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd.
  • National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

Registration :

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  • 09:00~09:40 : B00:Registration
  • 09:40~09:50 : L0 : Opening (Dr. KY Ho /General Director, TECO General Research Laboratory)

  • 09:50~10:10 : L01 : SmatDO 2023 and Future Development (Dr. Shen-Yeh Chen /President, FEA-Opt Technology)

  • 10:10~10:40 : L02 : A study of thermo-structural optimization analysis (Dr. Ming-Tsang Lee /Associate Professor,NTHU)

  • 10:40~11:00 : B01 : Tea/Coffee Break
  • 11:00~11:30 : L03 : Using SmartDO for the Weight Reduction of Commercial Valve and External Shell of the Rocket (Yu Tsao Chang /Researcher,ARRC )

  • 11:30~12:00 : L04 : Using SmartDO for the Design Optimization of Heart Flow Performance for Manufacturing Facilities (Dr. Uzu-Kuei Hsu /Professor,NPUST)

  • 12:00~13:00 : B02 : Lunch Break
  • 13:00~13:30 : L05 : Eletric Motor Design Optimization : Using JMAG and SmartDO (Ethan Yee /Engineering Manager ,WisEnergy)

  • 13:30~14:00 : L06 : Optimal Process Parameters Design and Implementation by SmartDO (Roy Hsu /Manager, TECO General Research Laboratory)

  • 14:00~14:20 : B03 : Tea/Coffee Break
  • 14:20~14:50 : L07 : Optimization requirements in multi-domain coupling problems- an example in air bearing analysis (Dr. Pei-Jen Wang /Professor, NTHU)

  • 14:50~15:20 : L08 : Synopsys Optical Solutions in AR and Optimized Imaging Applications (Isa Liu /Application Manager ,Synopsys )


  • Participants at the live event will be presented with a SmartDO space superman double-layer steel cup. Quantity is limited, while stocks last

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