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SmartDO 2023.1 Released, with the Synchronous Advancing Multi-Objective Optimization, SmartLink for the Open Source CAD/CAE Software FreeCAD, and More Features More Features for Digital Production Line Integrations and Automation.


FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. announced that SmartDO 2023.1 will be released immediately, adding the following features.

Synchronous Advancing Multi-Objective Optimization

In general, multi-objective optimization algorithms often adding all objective functions with weighting values, or use a brute-force statistical induction method after a large number of random evaluations. These methods usually optimize some objectives at the expense of others, even though the results of adding weights have improved. They cannot simultaneously improve all objectives.

SmartDO 2023.1 uses newly derived mathematical models that can synchronize the improvement of each objective function as much as possible, achieving true multi-objective optimization. In addition, The setting of multi-objective in SmartDO 2023.1 is very simple. Simply define a number greater than 1 for number of objective functions, and multiple objective definition menus will appear on all SmartLink and Universal Connections interfaces, without the need for users to define weighting and algorithms themselves. SmartDO will internally compute and determine all factors and paramawters.

Figure 1. The GUI for Defining Multi-Objective Optimization in SmartDO 2023.1 (take the example of SmartLink)

SmartLink for FreeCAD FEM

FreeCAD is an open source software for CAD/CAM/CAE/CAx developed by the community. After more than 20 years of development and evolution, it is now mature and stable. The CAD and FEM (CAE) parts have been verified and adopted by many companies and organizations for lightweight daily design and analysis applications through community applications.

SmartDO 2023.1 supports SmartLink for FreeCAD FEM, with the same intuitive interface and logic as other SmartLink interfaces, and comes with a complete online manual and tutorial. FreeCAD has many add-ons and online discussion forums that can be very helpful for all users' design and analysis work.

SmartLink for FreeCAD FEM (Bottom) and the GUI of FreeCAD FEM (TOP)

More New Features for Universal Connections

More and more users are using SmartDO's Universal Connections to couple different software for design optimization, so we almost always improve and strengthen the functionality of Universal Connections with each version. SmartDO 2023.1 also has many new features for Universal Connections, one of which is the addition of a Listbox for calling external programs, which allows users to more conveniently and intuitively manage and set up calls to multiple external programs.

In this Listbox, for each external program called, there are individual command options that can be defined, and the order of the calls can be moved at will. We expect to continue to strengthen Universal Connections in the future, making SmartDO's Digital Production Line Integration and Automation capabilities even more complete and powerful.

Figure 3. Listbox for Calling External Programs in Universal Connections

More New Features

There are nore new exciting feathres in SmartDO 2023.1. Please contact us for more details.

More Information

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